We’ve collected some of our fave mega babes that are working it in LASULA right now! Keep scrolling to get that transitional inspo…








(original trousers sold out soz, you babes are too fast 🙈)












And there we have it, a few of our faves from the past month! To be in with a chance of being featured on here or our social media channels don’t forget to tag us in your LASULA outfits!

Yeah, we’re halfway through Summer (cry), but that doesn’t mean it’s over! We have a glass half full kinda outlook on life, and that means we’re still dreaming of a last minute holiday or maybe even a week of sun in rainy old Britain. Stranger things have happened people!!!

So, we have selected a few of our fave blogger babe looks that would be perfect for you lucky gals who still have a holiday to come, or to wear with a winter coat over the top if you’re staying here…

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ALL WHITE EVERYTHING! As well as being flattering as f*ck, this dress is in the perfect colour to show off that bitchin’ tan you’ve been working on… or applying from a bottle, we’re not judging babe!


Check out this bardot babe in our ‘shirred bardot crop’ and killer denim skirt. Day appropriate, night appropriate, pretty much an all round winner!


Oh hey crochet! This cute af crop has been a blogger fave, and you lot love it too tbh, so we don’t have to tell you twice that you NEED this for your hols. Wear it out to the club one night and head straight to the beach in the morn – no need for sleep! (party responsibly, try and sleep at least two hours a day)


Polka dot princess is what we’re calling this look and WE LOVE IT. So picture this, a candle lit dinner in (insert your ideal romantic location here), the love of your life sat opposite you (we’re imagining Chris Hemsworth ngl) and you’re looking smokin’ hot in this dress. Do we really need to sell it to you any more?


GINGHAM GOALS! It’s the trend that seems to being going no where for the rest of Summer, so why wouldn’t you want a simple yet hot as f*ck bodycon winner? And did we mention it’s only £15!? YES PLEASE!


Ibiza vibes (or y’know, some club in Britain, you can work it girls)! If you’re looking for a showstopper, here it it ladies!!!


FESTIFEELS! Get that festival look like this mega babe with our tassel choker. Add a tonne of glitter, dye your locks a bold colour and roll around in the mud. Because it’s more than likely it’s going to be a muddy one if it’s in this country!


Popping off on a city break? Lucky you! We have THE PERFECT jumpsuit to explore in, it’s comfortable, looks SO good and available in three different colours! So, we’ll have one of each please!

Oh and girl, don’t forget to tag us in your holiday (staycation) snaps to be in with a chance of being featured!

Selena is a queen. We all know that. So why wouldn’t we take serious inspo from her? Slay that casj look like she does and shop the looks below now!

Cream Queen – mix shades of cream and white with a slouchy silhouette to nail a fresh but comfortable look


Bomber Jacket Babe – if you love a bomber jacket as much as we do, you’ll be happy to find out that we basically have every colour you could ever want… thank us later babe


Rock It Girl – band tee’s aren’t gone, trust us! And they’re the easiest thing to throw on and look effortlessly cool, so why would you want them to be gone?

Back in Black – head to toe black is a great way to look chic, even if you’re wearing the most casj of outfits (and check out those frill pants, we NEED them obvs)